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Alexis Johnson



"It’s a privilege when giftings and passions can be made into a career."

Hey there, I'm Alexis and I love planning events, leading teams, and being a small biz owner!

When I'm not wedding & event planning, I am hanging with my husband and baby boy, leading worship at church, laughing with friends, eating Chipotle or Chic-Fil-A, and watching The Challenge, The Office, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, or anything Star Wars!   

Hospitality is a value of mine and I love creating space for a good time, hence my career choice!

I’ve completed a wedding planners course at California State University East Bay. The course gave me the skills to execute being a successful wedding and event planner for a variety of couples. I love being a part of a couple's special day, I hope I can help with yours!

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Lead Coordinator 

Hey there! I’m a Kyra, one of the Lead Coordinators for AJE. I love what I do, helping couples have the best day ever! A fun fact about me is that I love organization, from color coding to bins for everything I’m obsessed! I’ll even sometimes watch restocks on TikTok for fun! I’m so excited for our growing team this year and pumped to work with such amazing women! If I could do a destination wedding I would want to go to Italy! I love good food and history so that would be a trip of a lifetime! I bring organization, empathy, and administrative skills to AJE! I will always be taking notes, bring an ear to listen, and gladly take all the “boring” tasks! My favorite part of a wedding is when the couple sees each other for the first time, whether it is a first look or at the aisle I love seeing our couples eyes light up when they see each other and if there are happy tears then my day is made! My favorite wedding colors are always dark and moody, right now I love a dark forest green with gold accents


Lead Coordinator 

Hi! I'm Bre one of the lead coordinators with Alexis Johnson Events. A fun fact about me is that I love games, I enjoy all different types, sports, video games, card games, board games, dice, escape rooms. I love being apart of the AJE team, the whole team is amazing, kind, and hardworking, it's such a joy to be around them and learn from so many great people.  I'm looking forward to working and helping with the upcoming weddings to make the couples dream day become a reality. If I could travel anywhere in the world to work a wedding it would be Switzerland. The scenery, colors, and culture look fantastic in photos, it would be amazing to see it in person. I have never been out of the country so to travel anywhere would be an absolute pleasure.
Three skills I bring to the AJE team are problem solving, compassion, and attentiveness. I will listen, assess the options, and act quickly to resolve anything that arises. I will go above and beyond for my couples because I truly care about making their day special and stress free. 
My favorite part of a wedding is the first dance, it's a moment of peace and love. The couple gets a moment where they are in their own bubble in a way, time almost slows down for them, the nerves and anxious feelings from the build up to the ceremony are past them and they can just relax for a moment to enjoy each other in total bliss. My favorite wedding colors are ivory, gold, with greenery/ floral accents. I love a clean, timeless romantic look that combines nature with formal decorations. 




Assistant  Coordinator

Hi! I’m Allison, a assistant coordinator with AJE. I have been married for 6 years, and had so much fun planning our wedding I wanted to keep planning them! Together we have two amazing boys who are 4 and 1. In my free time I enjoy baking, catching up on shows with my husband, and trying new kinds of champagne! I love that working with AJE allows me to use my creativity to help our couples in a hands on way. 

A destination wedding would be a dream! I would be thrilled to go anywhere, but I think Spain or Australia would be gorgeous backdrops for a wedding. The AJE team has so many unique talents and strengths, which is what makes us so strong! I contribute to the team with my strong “Type A” personality. I like things being organized and in their place, I thrive with a detailed plan, and I love watching even the smallest details come together to create something bigger. My absolute favorite part of the wedding day is, when the bride is walking down the aisle I turn to look at the groom’s reaction! Watching him see his bride for the first time is so beautiful! I love greens and natural wedding colors, but I love big colorful weddings too! There aren’t as many bright color scheme weddings, and they are always fun!


Assistant Coordinator 


Hello! My name is Mali and I am an AJE Assistant Coordinator! A fun fact about me is I love to dance and in high school, I founded and was captain of a hip-hop dance team that is still dancing and performing today. With officially joining the AJE team, I am excited to work with my other amazing team members, learn more about weddings and do my best to make a couple’s special day the most magical and stress free day of their life! My dream wedding destination I would love to work would be split between a forest fairytale theme in the United Kingdom or a beach/tropical forest wedding in Thailand! The three skills that I think I bring to the AJE team are my energetic personality, organizational skills, and my creative problem-solving skills.

   After some experience with weddings, I have found the setting up part to be my favorite part of a wedding. I like seeing the build-up to the wedding with all the discussions and mood boards and seeing it all come together on the special day.My favorite wedding colors would have to be a mixture of blues like navy blue, pale mosaic blue, greyish blues, and hints of gold and white.



Assistant Coordinator 

Hi y’all, my name is Chelsea! I am a blended family mama to 3 beautiful daughters. Our 2 oldest are my bonus babes who I have had the honor of parenting for 5 years, and our youngest will be 2 in 2023. I am so excited to work with AJE and be a part of such special moments for people. If I could travel anywhere to work a wedding I would love to go to either Ireland or somewhere tropical. Three skills I  bring to the AJE team is a strong passion to serve others, I am always game to step in or step up where I am needed, and being a fast learner. My favorite part of a wedding is right before a ceremony starts. The excitement of the bride and groom right before everything begins is almost palpable. I remember the jitters from my wedding and there is truly nothing like it. My favorite wedding colors tend to be anything with greens and earth tones. But I loved the navy and burgundy look a lot of people were using the last few years too.

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